Moving to a new state?


Make a Smooth Move to a New State With This Simple Guide

Moving to a new state can be an overwhelming process when you start adding up all the costs, tasks, and services you need to plan for. Packing, changing jobs, getting acquainted with the new area, and finding the perfect home are just a few of the things you’ll need to take care of, not to mention creating a budget. The key is to get organized from the very beginning so you can streamline every task. Make checklists, utilize apps and online resources that will help you find and hire services, and plan the financial end well to give yourself peace of mind.

This article dives into a few essential steps to take when you’re moving out of state:

Research the area and find a home

Before you can make any decisions, HGTV notes that you’ll need to do some thorough research on the area you’re interested in moving to in order to ensure that it’s the right spot for you. Fortunately, there are sites and apps available these days that will help you dig into just about any location no matter where you are in the world; make a note to look at the crime rate, school district reviews, home sale or rental prices, and the average cost of living.

From here, you can narrow down potential neighborhoods and start your home search. Take into account your budget, but don’t forget to think about what your needs will be once you move. Are you ready to start a family? Are you looking for more space for your kids to spread out? Will you need a home office to get work done remotely? Make a list of your must-haves along with the aspects you want but can live without.

If you’d prefer to rent for a while while saving up for a down payment, look up listings in your area and filter by home type and desired amenities like number of bedrooms and pet friendliness. You’ll find plenty of options in Austin, which currently has more than 5,700 rentals available.

Make work a priority or start a business

If you already have a job that allows you to work remotely, moving should be a cinch. However, if you’re between jobs or are ready to look for something new, make this a priority as you start researching. Update your resume and start sending it out, and prepare for interviews by reading potential questions and setting up a video chat space that will give you some privacy. Concerned about your cash flow while you’re searching? Take on a side gig or temporary job that will allow you to earn money on your own time so you can still focus on the move.

You can even start your own business. When you’re ready to start a new company, just make sure you write out a solid business plan that includes your chosen structure, how much funding you need, whether you’ll have employees, and what your marketing strategy will be. Many entrepreneurs decide to form an LLC due to certain tax advantages and limited liability, and you can outsource this task to a formation service to ensure the paperwork is filed properly and on time. Formation regulations vary depending on the state you’re in, so learn how to start an LLC in Texas before moving forward.

Make connections

If you’re an entrepreneur or will be working from home, it may be challenging to make friends in a new city. Start reaching out to any existing connections you have in the area by looking at your social media pages and LinkedIn, then look for spots in your new neighborhood that will be conducive to socializing, such as coffee shops or public workspaces. You can also join a neighborhood app that will allow you to connect with your community from moment one.

Settle in

Once you’re moved in, it can take a bit of time to get accustomed to the new neighborhood and living space. The Spruce suggests getting comfortable by setting up your home right away instead of leaving boxes packed up. And make sure your place is safe by changing the locks and/or installing a security system. If you’re on a tight budget, things like installing motion sensor lights can make a big difference and will help you feel safer.

Moving to a new state is a big job, so get help from professional movers or ask friends and family to lend a hand. Put in the time to find a new home, start a new job or business, and meet new people and settle in. Stay organized throughout, as this can help to reduce stress so you can focus on this new chapter in your life.

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